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Sports & activities

The School believes in the maxim of a healthy mind in a healthy body and to make the body strong,spacious playgrounds are provided for Football, Basket Ball, Cricket, Skating, Kho Kho Kabaddi, Chess, Volley Ball, Badminton, Judo, Karate, Table Tennis, Hand Ball and Athletics.There is provision for indoor games also like, Table-tennis, Chess and Carrom etc.

Besides these, the school organises long distance Cycling & Camping during breaks and vacations to instil confidence and a spirit of adventure in the children

Camps are also held to impart training in yoga exercises. It gives them a chance to play and play build self esteem in a safe and supportive enviroment.

Meditation is also toughty as a means to concentration inner tranquility and more effective study.

Achievements in Sports
1. Rajbir won the gold medal in Distiict level rollerskating championship and participated in Punjab level roller skating tournament at Patiala. (2002).
2. Natasha won the Bronze medal in Zonal level athletic Championship. (2002).
3. Badminton Team 'Girls' won the first position inZonal Level Badminton Championship and participated in Distt. Level Badminton Championship. (2002).
4. The school won the prestigious overall trophy in the Zonal matches concluded on 26th August. 2003.
5. ln shoot-put.‘ Navjil Singh and Randhir Singh bagged lst & 2nd position respectively. Navdeep Singh scored lst & 3rd position respectively in Discuss throw and l00m race. These winners are of zonal level tournaments. (2003).

6. The result of the various district tournaments are like this :-
(a) Yoga cotnpetition was held at Govt. Model School Model House on 22nd September. 2003 where the girls of Our school under 14 yrs. who were the winners of zonal meet won 2nd position. 
(b) Deepak Thapar of 6th class was a member of Jalandhar District team who got 3rd position in Punjab school games held at Amritsar 11 Sept. 2003.
7. Ravinder Pal in Cricket. Hitesh Dogra, Amit and Sanyam Sood in Table Tennis got 2nd position in state tournaments & were selected for National Camp. (2005-06).
8. Girls namely Harmanjit, Manpreet, Rupinderpal Kaur, Jasmeet Kaur in WUSHU under 19 got 1st position and Gunwant, Kuljit, captured Ill position. (2006-07).
9. Amit Malhotra +l , Sourav Sondhi +1, Sanyam Sood 10th and Hilesh Dogra 9th were, selected for C.B.S.E. National. 
10. Maninder Pal got third position (3000 mtrs.) in C .B.S.E. Cluster XV I Tournament held at Qadian, Distt. Gurdaspnr. 
11. Prabhjeet Singh of 6th won a gold medal in wrestling in Distt. Elementary and Secondary schools competition held at sports college, Jalandhar. (2006-07)
12. Our Cricket, Volleyball and Badminton team won first position in zonal tournament in 2006-07
13. Kho-Kho, Basketball (U-17) won 2nd position.
14. In Boys (U-I 7) Football, Basketball and (U-14) Basketball bagged lst position (2006-07).
15. In Girls (U-I7), Lawn tennis and Roller skating won 2nd and 3rd position respectively (2006-07).
16. Ravinder Pal Singh bagged 3rd position in school National Level cricket Tournament at Delhi (2006-07).
17. Boys got 3rd position in All India Invitations Table Tennis Soccer Championship held at CRB Public School Chandigarh (2006-07).
18.Our skating player got overall 3rd position in lst I-Ii-Tech Roller skating Tournament held at D.M.S. Model Town and got 5 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze medals. (2006-07).
19. Cricket boys Ravinderpal Singh and Narinder Kumar played the countiy cricket in England under age group 22 for Bishan Singh Bedi Cricket Academy. (2006-07)
20. Hitesh Dogia participated in school National Level Table Tennis Toumament in 2007-08.
21. U-l9 Chess team got 2nd position in C.B.S.E. North Zone Chess Tournament and participated. A in C.B.S.E. National Level Chess Tournament at Chennai in 2007-08.
22. U-l9 Table Tennis Team got 3rd Position in C.B.S.E. Cluster Table Tennis Tournament at Ludhiana in 2007-08.
23. U-19 Boys and U-I5 Boys got First position in District Level shooting ball Tournament at Govt. High School Maqsudan
24. In Zonal Toumanient 2007-08. U-19, Boys.Cricket. got 3rd Positions and U-I4 boys Basketball and Cricket got 1st and 3rd Positions respectively.
25. In 2007-08 District Tournaments Table Tennis. Chess. Netball got 1st position. U-14 Boys Net Ball, Base Ball got 2nd position. U-19 26. Boys got 3rd position in Lawn Tennis and shooting Ball.
27. U-17 boys Netball, Baseball and Chess scored lst. 2nd & 3rd positions respectively (2007-08).
28. U-I9 Girls Netball got lst and Chess got 2nd position. U-17 Girls (Netball) got first position (2007-08). '
29. U-I4 girls Chess, Netball got 2nd and 3rd positions respectively (2007-08).
30. In Zonal Tournaments 2007-08. U-19 Boys cricket got 3rd. Volleyball 3rd and Badminton Basket Ball got 2nd position.
31. in U-l7 (Boys) Football students got lst and in Cricket got 3rd position.
32. In U-I4 Boys (2007-08) Cricket got lst and Basket Ball got 2nd position.
33. ln Slate Tournaments 2007-08, U-19 Boys, Hitesh Dogra in Table Tennis got lst position. Sayam Sood in Table Tennis got lst position. Rajat Jatana got 1st position in chess.
34. In U-l4 Boys, (State Tournaments 2007-08, Karan Bhargav got 1st position in Cricket, Guneet Singh got 2nd position in chess.
35. In National Tournament 2007-08, Karan Bhargav bagged 1st position in 53rd School National Level Cricket Tournament at Bombay.
36. Rajat Jatana participated in 53rd school National Level Chess Tournament at Gohati (2007-08).
37. In 2008-09, State Tournament U-19 (Boys) Rajat Jatana in Chess. Nikhil in Sqay Martial Arts, Dheeraj Dixit got 1st position.
38. In 2008-09, State Tournament U-I 9 (Boys) Hitesh Dogra in Table Tennis. Karan Bhargav in Cricket got 3rd Position.
39. Hitesh Dogra participated in 54th School National Table Tennis Tournament at Nagpur in 2008-09.
40. Rajat Jatana participated in 54th National Chess Tournament at Guntur (2008-09).
41. Prabhjcet Singh bagged 2nd position in 54th National Base Ball Toumament at Delhi (2008- 09).
42. Four students Dinkar, Amanpreet Kaur, Gurleen Kaur, Vartika selected for Netball National Camp (2008-09).
43. In 2009-10 in Zonal Tournaments U-19 Boys, Cricket. Volleyball. Basketball students got 1st position.
44. U-16 Boys and U-I4 Boys cricket students got 1st and 3rd position respectively.
45. In Zonal Tournament, Cricket U-l 6 Boys, U-19 Boys. got 1st position and Cricket U-I4 Boys got 3rd position in 2009-10.
46. Basketball team U-19 Boys. Football U- 14 Boys got 1st position in Zonal Tournament in 2009- 10.
47. In Volleyball U-19 Boys got 1st position in Zonal Tournament in 2009- 10.
48. In Netball U-17 Boys got lst position and U-14 Boys got 3rd position in District Tournament in 2009-10
49. In Netball U- I4 Girls. U-17 Girls and U-19 Girls our school bagged lst positions in District Tournament in 2009-10.
50. In Chess U-19 Boys and U-19 Girls, got 1st position and in Chess U-14 Girls got 2nd position in District Tournament
60. In Cricket U-16 Boys got 3rd position in District Tournament 2009-10.
61. In Cricket U-16 Boys our team got 1st position in . 2010-11 & in Cricket U-14 Boys got 2nd position.
62. ln Volleyball U-17 Boys. Football U-14 Boys and in Football U-19 Boys our team got 1st position in 2010-11.
63. In Handball U-17 Boys got 3nd position in 2010-11.
64. In Netball U-17 Girls, U-19 Girls & U-19 Boys, U-19 Boys, we got 1st position in 2010-11.
65. In Chess U-14 Girls our students got 2nd position and U-17 Girls got 3rd position in 2010-11.
66. In Netball U-14 Girls got 2nd positions and in Netball U- I4 Boys got 3rd position in 2011-11.
67. In Cricket U-16 Boys. our team got 3rd position in 2010-11.
68. In Roller Skating U-17 Boys, our students got 2nd position in 2010-11.
69. Karan Bhargav in State Level Tournament got 2nd position in Inter-District Cricket Toumament held at Ludhaina.
70. Rajat Jatana participated in Inter-District Chess Tournament U-19, held at Moga.
71. Seven Boys participated in Inter-District Netball U- 19 Boys at Barnala.
72. Eight Girls participated in inter-District Netball U-19 Girls Tournament held at Bamala.

State Tournament
1. Karan Bhargav Participated in Inter-District U-16 Cricket Tournament at Sangrur
2. Raghav Sharma got 3rd Position in Inter District U-19 Table Tennis Tournament at Ropar
3. Dinkar participated in Inter District U-17 Basketball Tournament at Ludhiana.
4. Dheeraj Dixit got 2nd position in Inter District U-19 Lawn Tennis Tournament at Amritsar.
5. Rajat Jatana got lst Position in Inter District U-19 Chess Toumament at Moga.
6. Mehak, Sharanjit Ritima and Sonam got 3rd Position in Inter District U-19 Chess Tournament at Moga.
7. Hitesh Gulati and Ashutosh participated in Inter District U-19 Netball Tournament at Barnala.
8. 7 Boys participated in lnter District U-17 Netball Tournament at Bamala.
9. 8 Girls participated in Inter District U-19 Net ball Toumament at Gurdaspur.
10. 7 Girls participated in inter District U-17 Net Ball Tournament at Gurdaspur.
11. Simranjit Kaur participated in Inter District U-14 Net ball Tournament at Gurdaspur.
12. Akash participated in Inter District U-19 Basketball Tournament at Ludhiana.
13. Nitin Jain participated in Inter District U-14 Roller skating Tournament at Patiala.

National Tournament
1. Karan Bhargav participated in National Level U-16 Cricket Tournament at Kashmir.
2. Raghav Shanna participated in National Level U-10 Table Tennis Tournament at Gujrat.
3. Rajat Jatana participated in National Level U-19 Chess Tournament at Kerala.

C.B.S.E. Tournament
1. Our chess Team (Girls) got Second position in C.B.S.E. North Zone Chess Toumament at Green Land Sr. Sec. School at Ludhiana and participated in C.B.S.E. National Chess Tournament at D.A.V. Public School Amritsar.
2. Table Tennis Team Boys participated in C.B.S.E. XVI cluster Table Tennis Tournament at Ludhiana.
3. Chess Team Boys participated in C.B.S.E. North Zone Chess Tournainent at Green Land Sr. Sec. School at Ludhiana.

News & Events

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Our Obejectives

  • To Provide value based quality education in all fields
  • To Teach Students to be morally sound, scientifically advanced and Technologically Sharp
  • To provide tremendous opportunities for the growth and harmoniouse development of the child
  • To ensure conductive enviroment to develop the skills of social intrraction in the personality of the